4 Reasons Funeral Costs Will Hit £24,000 … And How to Minimize the Impact

Published on October 18, 2018

Yes – the cost of living keeps increasing. But the cost of dying is also increasing. In fact, the BBC recently reported that funeral costs have increased by 90% in the last four years. By 2020, banking experts believe the cost of a funeral will increase to over £24,000.

Why the huge – and rapid – increase? There are four reasons.

First – more people are dying but there’s less space available for burial plots. The number of deaths is likely to rise 20% over the next 20 years based on government figures.

Second – it’s illegal in the United Kingdom to bury people who have mercury fillings in their teeth. Mercury is used rarely today but many older people have mercury fillings. The mercury must be removed – and there’s a cost for this procedure.

Third – with the increase in the death rate, funeral directors are increasing fees. They face rising costs, as well.

Fourth – the cost of receptions and “non funeral” costs are increasing as well.

Here’s What You Can Do

Obviously, nobody wants the surprising cost of a funeral. It can make a difficult event even more traumatic. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid the surprise: funeral plan insurance, usually known as a ‘funeral plan’.

With a funeral plan, you pay a small monthly amount. When someone who is covered passes away, the funeral plan covers all the funeral costs. Funeral plan insurance covers the cost of the funeral and related expenses. It’s an increasingly popular option: over 500,000 UK residents have opted for a funeral plan. Here’s why …

“Not surprisingly, nearly half a million people in the UK have taken out some form of funeral plan insurance.”
~ The Daily Telegraph.
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The cost of a funeral plan is extremely low. Just a few pounds a week provides full coverage. It helps your friends and relatives – who don’t have to pay for funeral expenses.

You can also avoid the spiralling cost of funerals and related items. Yes – funerals may cost upwards of £24,000 by 2020 but a funeral plan means you don’t have to worry about the cost.

A funeral plan also provides some flexibility. There are no health restrictions and you won’t have to take a medical. You will not have to use life insurance monies plus you can choose your funeral director.

The Most Important Fact

But most importantly, a funeral plan helps your relatives and loved ones. Remember – they will want to give you a formal burial but the cost could be prohibitive.

It’s extremely simple to get funeral plan insurance. It’s also extremely inexpensive – especially when you consider the benefits. Getting a quote for funeral plan insurance takes just a few minutes. Your information is kept private and there’s no obligation to buy coverage once you have the quote.

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